After growing up in Napa, California, Dr. Howard received his A.B. in Physiology from the University of California Berkley. He then completed his medical school studies at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. He completed his internship and orthopedic residency at the UCLA teaching hospitals and pursued an additional year of spine surgery fellowship training at UCLA Westwood, under the direction of Dr. Edgar Dawson and Dr. Rick Delemarter.

Upon completion of his spine surgical fellowship, Dr. Howard has practiced continuously in Monterey, California since the summer of 1991. His orthopedic surgical practice specializes in the treatment of spinal disorders and spinal deformities including all of the surgical approaches to address cervical, thoracic and/or lumbar spine pathologies and/or deformity.

Dr. Howard has received extensive additional postgraduate training and special qualifications which allow him to offer his patients the latest surgical procedures and/or the newest innovations or technologies currently available. These include minimally invasive spinal microsurgery, usually performed on an outpatient basis, the latest implants and/or biologics utilized in spinal fusion and deformity correction, lumbar and cervical disc replacement and other very new motion preservation techniques.

Dr. Howard is up to date and currently utilizing the latest techniques and technologies available to patients with spinal problems or those requiring spinal surgery.